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Imagine your local park on a warm summer night, mild breeze drifting through the trees and a throng of people sprawled out on the grass, gathered beneath the stars to share the experience of watching a great movie in a glorious outdoor setting. Outdoor movies are truly a unique summer experience for people of all ages, giving people one more reason to come together in a beautiful setting to enjoy our short summers.

Hosting an open-air cinema event is a fun, unique way to enjoy your favorite movies under the stars! It’s like going to a drive-in movie where you don’t need a car! Viewers get all the things we love about going to the movies – popcorn, a great flick, hanging out with friends – plus the enjoyment of sitting in the great outdoors on a summer night. Simply find a large grassy area, set up the screen and video projector, and voila…welcome to the show. This movie in the park idea has caught on right across Canada.

Best of all, the inflatable screen is significantly larger than that of a standard movie theatre making for a larger and more comfortable seating area for viewers. Needless to say, watching an outdoor movie at the open-air cinema is a truly memorable experience.


There are three key elements to outdoor cinema: the outdoors, the social experience, and of course, the movies themselves. So which movies will be chosen, and what criteria will be used to choose them? Ideally, a variety of films, each appealing to a wide audience is preferred. For a one night stop the content might include a popular comedy, a classic drama or an animated feature, whatever you choose. It should be noted that some companies, including Disney, have restrictions on the use of their films in outdoor settings, please ask us when considering a Disney film.

Another important consideration when selecting movies for viewing in a civic-sanctioned event is that of gauging appropriate content for the expected audience. With this in mind, we would work closely with you to schedule offerings with wide appeal, and to ensure that film classification issues, should they exist, are addressed in advance of any public screening.

Community Benefits

The whole concept of FreshAirCinema is to create an interesting and interactive community-based activity that will get people out of their homes to spend time with family and friends. The sheer size and uniqueness of the outdoor movie (open air cinema) concept will draw people to your community’s green space, and give residents a source of pride as one of the first towns in Canada to feature an outdoor movie event in your park. (i.e. open air cinema style or custom drive-in theatre).

We feel that the entire concept would be amazing for your community. The initiative will give people yet another reason to come out to the local park, to spend time outdoors enjoying the beautiful summer weather we have in Canada, and to view a movie in a unique setting. The outdoor cinema concept will attract considerable attention, both in the media and through word-of-mouth, and will bring people from surrounding areas to watch movies under the stars in your community.

Client Feedback

The outdoor cinema concept is truly a unique experience. We have performed hundreds of shows to date and the whole concept has been very well received, with people getting really excited to watch a movie under the stars with their blankets or lawn chairs. If you would like to hear from other groups that we have worked with, references are available.



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