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Re-create the Classic Drive-In

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FAC can also bring back the “classic” Drive-In Theatre! With our FM transmission equipment, we can turn any parking lot or field into a classic drive-in theatre. All your viewers have to do is tune into their car radios to a pre-determined frequency and enjoy the show. Bring classics like ‘Grease’ or ‘American Graffiti’ back to the big screen...or show a current Blockbuster. Whatever you choose, this is a great event to host as a staff/client appreciation function! It’s also a great event to tag onto an already existing classic automobile show!

Since the first drive-in theatre was opened in the 1930’s, movie fans of all ages have grown to love these venues and their unique charm. While there are only a handful of drive-ins still in operation in Canada, FreshAirCinema is helping the drive-in to make a comeback. With our equipment and expertise, we can turn any appropriate location into a classic drive-in theatre, giving viewers the same experience so loved by an earlier generation.

To create your drive-in experience, FreshAirCinema provides all the services, you require: the giant screen, digital projector and FM transmitters – cars not included! Contact us to learn more about setting up a drive-in event in your community, and giving movie fans of all ages a chance to experience the original “open air” theatre.




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