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Billboard Advertising

The concept is simple – take the tried and true billboard and make it bigger, better and more flexible. Instead of a being anchored to a busy street corner, our oversized inflatable screens can be used to display your message anywhere, indoors or outside. Better yet, we can move the screen from one location to another, setting up wherever your ad will receive maximum exposure. You can also add your company’s banner, logo or tagline to the screen itself.

Through FreshAirMedia, our outdoor advertising arm, FreshAirCinema offers advertisers an exciting new medium to catch customers’ imagination. With our enormous inflatable screens broadcasting your company’s messages, we help you rise above the level of ordinary ads, both literally and figuratively.

The end result? A striking and, most importantly, unique advertisement certain to do two things: stop spectators in their tracks and generate conversation not just at the event itself, but for days afterward. These twin objectives – paramount to any successful advertisement – can be achieved with FreshAirMedia’s inflatable billboards.

In the moveable billboard concept, the screen essentially acts as the foundation and frame for your ad, which is created especially for the event. You supply the advertisement in a digital file, as you want it to be displayed, and FreshAirMedia will have the actual advertisement created for use. If your company has an existing relationship with a vendor capable of creating the advertisement, we are happy to work with them to do so as well.

Once the advertisement is ready, and the site has been selected, FreshAirMedia will handle all aspects of the physical setup and nightly removal of the screen. Importantly, the screen itself will have no detrimental impact on the environment, as it is designed to equally distribute the weight over its large surface areas.

As outdoor advertising professionals, our primary goal is your satisfaction. We recognize that no two campaigns or companies are the same, and we will work closely with you in every step of the process to ensure that your promotional objectives are met.


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