Movie Festival Fundraisers

movie festival fundraiser

Looking to add a unique festival to your community’s summer programming? Why not host an outdoor movie series or festival. We have been working with a number of communities across Western Canada to do just that. Whether you are looking to host 5 distinct shows throughout the summer, a few weekends here and there or a full on 5 day outdoor movie festival we have worked on them all. We’re prepared! We have all the experience and equipment you need.

Successful fundraising initiatives do more than just raise funds. Indeed, with the right event concept, plan and execution, a non-profit organization can accomplish a number of goals, including:

  • creating an enjoyable event that appeals to a wide segment of the public
  • raising awareness of a cause
  • gaining corporate sponsors
  • partnering with area businesses.

The opportunity to present a fresh fundraising idea in your community is another powerful element toward achieving your fundraising goals. While successful events and programs are quickly copied by other groups, recent history has shown that non-profits who have been able to successfully create and implement new approaches are usually rewarded in two ways: continued success with their program or event and increased public name recognition as the group responsible for the “original” idea. Recent examples include the Arthritis Society’s “Joints in Motion” Team and the Lance Armstrong Foundation’s “Livestrong” bracelets, both of which have been widely imitated, though each idea remains closely associated with those respective organizations.

Already proven to be a huge success in markets in the United States and abroad, the outdoor movie festival represents an opportunity for your non-profit group to achieve all of the benefits outlined above. A new, engaging concept with strong public appeal, outdoor movies have proven their ability to draw a large number of people together. The next step? Turning a free movie in the park into a fundraiser for your organization, and turning those thousands of movie fans into donors!

Developing a similar fundraiser for your organization begins with a joint decision with FreshAirCinema to seek corporate sponsorship for the idea of a free outdoor movie festival in your community. Together, we will work to create a package outlining the proposed event and its benefits to the sponsor, to your organization, and to the community in general. Once sufficient sponsorship is secured, event details will be established, taking into account the goals and opinions of all key stakeholders, including major sponsors.

One of the best things about FreshAirCinema and the “open-air” movie concept is the flexibility inherent in our operation. Simply put, we have shown movies just about anywhere – in urban centres and small communities across most provinces, on everything from manicured lawns and baseball diamonds to parking lots. That flexibility extends to our outdoor movie festivals, as well. Venues, themes, movie selection, concessions, overall logistics – we are not tied to rigid ideas about how your fundraising event should be planned.

Instead, FreshAirCinema brings our world-class equipment and expertise to the partnership and works with you to tailor a signature fundraising event that meets your needs. With considerable event management experience and knowledge of successful strategies, our representatives are able to create an event specific to your organization, taking into account such factors as:

  • your organization’s specific goals
  • size and characteristics of your market
  • corporate sponsors and their objectives
  • event budget and volunteer availability
  • themes and ideas important to your cause.



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