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Buy your own outdoor movie package!

As more and more people are discovering, inflatable screens are great for personal, community, or corporate use. Watch a movie, show an advertisement, display a billboard – all with the same screen, all in the same day!

If you have experienced the outdoor movie experience firsthand, you know all about the unique charms of watching the big screen in the open air. As more communities and companies become familiar with the concept and realize the potential uses of inflatable screens – easy to transport, set up and remove – they are asking FreshAirCinema how they can purchase outdoor movie equipment for their own uses. They’ve come to the right place!

As in our event management services, FreshAirCinema offers superior customer service in helping you select and purchase your own outdoor movie equipment. As well, our experience in setting up and presenting features gives us valuable insight into the equipment we sell.

FreshAirCinema will be happy to discuss your needs, budget and intended uses for an inflatable screen or complete outdoor movie package. From there, we will recommend the best quality equipment for your requirements and provide it to you at a great price.

For information on some of the screen and complete movie packages available, check out the following links:


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