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Questions about your event?

What are the benefits of hosting an outdoor movie event?

The whole concept of an outdoor movie event is to create an interesting and interactive community-based activity that will get people out of their homes to spend time with family and friends. The sheer size and uniqueness of the open-air cinema concept will draw people to your event. The initiative will give people yet another reason to get out of the house, to spend time outdoors enjoying the beautiful summer weather we have here in Canada, and to view a movie in a very unique setting. Your event will attract considerable attention, both in the media and through word of mouth, and it’ll bring people from surrounding areas to watch movies under the stars in your community.

How much does an outdoor movie package cost?

The price will vary depending on a variety of factors. First, we have different sizes of screens that accommodate varying audience sizes, locations (indoor and outdoor) and type of event (classic drive-in vs. open-air cinema). The prices range from $700 - $6000 depending upon your individual needs. The size of screen that you choose will be the largest factor in determining our price. One factor that can affect the total price is the distance that our team will have to travel from our office to your venue. We have 3 offices serving Western Canada (Regina, SK – Red Deer, AB - Vancouver, BC). Other factors that affect the total price (if applicable) include accommodation, movie licensing and GST.

Also, to guarantee the dates you want, reserve your spot as early as possible. We make every effort to accommodate your schedule, but we have to work on a first come first serve basis and our schedule fills up quickly.

Contact one of our sales reps for more information and for our rates.

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How much work is involved in planning an outdoor movie event?

Believe it or not….not much at all!  FreshAirCinema will help you every step of the way.  We supply everything (movie, projector, sound system, projectionist, generators, set up and removal of all equipment, etc)! Ultimately, our success is tied to your success giving us the motivation to ensure that you host a successful event.

How big is the screen?

There are many options available concerning screen size.  They range from 18x15 to 44x31. However, please remember that the larger the screen the bigger  your required budget.  

What movies can I show?

See the Movie Licensing Section


What equipment is included?

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What types of clients book with FreshAirCinema?

The types of groups and organizations that we have worked with are vast.  For example, we have worked with both ‘Big Business’ and ‘Small Business’ to host staff/client appreciation nights or Company BBQs. We’ve worked with municipal governments, chambers of commerce, parks, Community Associations and Business Improvement Associations to host large scale community events. We’ve worked with non-profits to host outdoor movie fundraisers. We’ve worked with Hotels, Shopping Malls, Ski Hills, Car Dealerships, Wineries and Golf Courses to host promotional events. We’ve done events on military bases - Car Club enthusiasts have hired us to host classic drive-ins in conjunction with their car show – Universities / Colleges have booked us for ’Welcome Week ’ activities. Private individuals have had us out for that special birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah or just to have the boys over to play video games or watch the big game. Whatever your need, whatever you’re planning - we are here to help!

What types of venues can FreshAirCinema set up in?

FAC ’s screens are extremely versatile, durable and best of all.....flexible. We can set up almost anywhere…the street, the beach, the local park, on top of a parkade or even out on a barge. The selected location need only have suitable space for the screen, projection trailer and seating area. Please be aware of trees, lamp posts or anything that may obstruct the projection or the viewing experience.

However, since each venue set up is completely different from the next we will work with you to select one that is appropriate. Try to select a venue that has ample space, is free of ambient light (e. g. street lights) and is aesthetically pleasing. Once you decide what screen size you would like to book we will send you the distance requirements needed for that particular set up. As a general rule of thumb, we will need a venue that is approximately 90-100 meters in length and 30-50 meters in width. However, we can setup almost anywhere.

The venue must be well-maintained (grass cut, free of sharp objects etc.) and all underground obstacles (such as sprinkler systems, gas or electricity lines) must be clearly marked (spray paint or flags) prior to the event crew’s arrival. The anchoring of the screen is very important! Grass venues allow us to drive 4 foot stakes into the ground for the purpose of securing the screen. If we will be setting up in a location that doesn’t allow us to stake into the ground then we need to organize an alternative plan. For concrete venues - street lights, concrete blocks and water ballasts will work as well. We will need (at minimum) 4 anchor points.

Other factors that you might want to consider are the proximity to residential areas, both in allowing residents without vehicles to attend and in ensuring that noise is not an issue. The availability of parking / washroom facilities should also be considered. If you would like more information about venue set up please ask us for our “typical event layout” diagram to give you a better idea or just give us a call. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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How much power do we need?

FreshAirCinema provides all of its own source power (i.e. generators). They are silent and will not affect the quality of the show.

What types of movies can we show?

There are two types of movies:  those available to the home video market (available on DVD) and those available in advance (pre-release or ‘premium’ titles).  Please see our movie selection section for more information.

What format are the movies in, VHS or DVD?

If you are interested in showing a film that is available to the home video market, the titles are available in either VHS or DVD format.  If you are interested in showing a pre-release title, the majority of these films are only available in VHS.

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If FreshAirCinema uses a VHS copy and projects it on the large screen, will this not compromise the clarity of the film?

While it is true that a VHS copy is not as pristine or clear as a DVD or a digital copy, we have yet to receive one comment regarding film quality.  More than 50% of our outdoor films are in VHS format.  The pre-release titles prove to be a great treat for the movie going audience!

Can we charge admission fees?

This depends upon the details of your event.  We need to ensure that your movie screening is deemed a non-theatrical venue.  Contact one of our sales reps for further clarification.

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How much space is needed?

This really depends on the size of the expected audience, type of event and many other factors. etc. Please contact one of our sales reps for more information.

The venue must be well-maintained (grass cut, free of sharp objects etc.) and all underground obstacles (such as sprinkler systems, gas or electricity lines) must be clearly marked (spray paint or flags) prior to the event crew’s arrival. We will be driving four- to six-foot stakes (if grass venue) into the ground at the venue for the purposes of securing the inflatable screen in a fixed position. If the venue grounds consist of anything other than a clean, well-maintained grass field, FreshAirCinema must be informed prior to booking. Any other surface must be mutually agreed upon prior to booking.

When selecting your venue please be aware of trees, lamp posts etc. that may obstruct the projection or viewing experience.

Do the movies come with Public Performance rights?

In order to show a movie outdoors, on a large screen to a viewing audience, you must ensure that your movie is equipped with public performance rights. Ask us for details.

Do we require any insurance?

You should contact the owner of the land where you intend to show the film. It is highly recommended to purchase general liability insurance for your event.

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How powerful is the sound system?

The sound system package depends upon how many viewers are expected to attend the movie event. The larger the audience the more powerful the system required.  We always ensure that sound is excellent!

Do we have to sign a contract?

Yes, we do require that a contract be signed by all parties. This is to ensure that all parties are protected and everyone has a clear understanding of the expectations.  Our contracts are custom designed to meet the needs of the individual client.

Can we advertise our event?

This depends upon your particular event.  In general, studios are very strict on how you can advertise as the movie license is registered as non-theatrical, however special permission can be granted if the right criteria are met.  It is best to speak directly with us with regards to this subject.

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We are located in a remote location; can we still do an outdoor show?

Absolutely, however your costs will likely be much higher.

What time can shows begin?

Shows cannot begin before dusk, as outside projection can only occur once all residual sunlight has dissipated. For sunset times in your community for a specific date please go to the following link:

Should I get sponsorship / advertising for the event?

Selling sponsorship or advertising is a very good way to fund your event. Find local sponsors to foot the bill for the event and, in return, they get to advertise on the big screen before the event (all we need is their advertisement in a digital format). As well, advertisers can put signage up around the venue and have our/your MC read ads or promotional messages over the PA system etc.

This method has worked really well in the past, especially when done in conjunction with a charity that is looking to raise some money by asking for a donation at the door instead of charging a gate admission.

What is the proposed event timeline?

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Does FreshAirCinema provide concessions?

FreshAirCinema does not supply concessions. However, if run by the event organizer, a concession stand can be a great way to help fund the event. Alternatively, it is proven to be very easy for organizers to find a local fundraising group to handle this aspect of the outdoor movie event.

What about pre-show entertainment?

It is always good to have some sort of entertainment onsite prior to the show. We have had many bands come in and play free of charge before shows. It creates a great atmosphere. If you don’t have any local entertainment we can play music over our sound system, which works just as well. Comedians and magicians are good to have, as they can roam the crowd. FreshAirCinema has a full audio system that an entertainer can tap into so that isn’t a problem.

Other ideas:

Do the screens kill the grass?

The screens used as part of FreshAirCinema will have no detrimental impact on the park itself. The screens are designed to equally distribute the weight over their large surface areas. As well, since the inflatable screen will be taken down after each screening, they will not damage or leave ruts in the grass. Damage to the grass could occur, if one were to leave the screen standing for a few days, as the prolonged exposure to the pressure and the heat from the sun would dry out the grass.

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Are there any noise concerns I should be aware of?

As mentioned earlier, shows would not be able to start until dusk. In late June, at the summer solstice it is possible that in some communities shows could commence later than 9:15. Based on these start times, there is the possibility of the event violating existing by-laws.

Should the chosen location present potential noise issues, we can minimize the sound level without compromising the quality of the show. We will be sure to work with you and any relevant city officials to ensure that sound stemming from the event falls within agreed levels.

For most events, FAC uses speakers placed on each side of the screen, to project outward into the audience. We will be sure to determine the optimal placement of the speakers to minimize the amount of noise that would descend on local neighborhoods.

Does FreshAirCinema have insurance?

FreshAirCinema maintains a policy of insurance of not less than two million dollars, covering operation of its equipment and providing its employees, agents and contractors commercial, general and product liability insurance for the period of the event.

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What are your safety and security procedures?

The decision to have official security at your event will be up to you, the event organizer. Our onsite staff can help serve as the eyes and ears to keep everybody safe but, in the end, they are there to make sure the movie runs smoothly. Our staff members are trained well, and safety, comfort, and common sense are their watchwords.

To control the crowd, we would like to create a designated area for the movie viewing. We feel this will be particularly useful in managing the flow both before the viewing and once it becomes dark. We propose that you erect a temporary snow fence to surround the screen and viewing areas while movies are being viewed. Garbage bins should also be provided and the venue cleaned every night following each movie.

We will have spotlights illuminating the stage area in front of the screen. These will help to shine up and around, ensuring our audience’s safe exit. Finally, our staff will be equipped with two-way radios. When decisions need to be made quickly, these will be indispensable in management’s efforts to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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What happens if the weather is bad?

Weather is the biggest variable in planning any outdoor event. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to change the weather, but there are always ways to plan for it. For example, we have minute by minute weather forecasts on our web enabled cell phones to allow us to plan for the evening ahead. As for wind, the inflatable screens can safely handle winds up to 23mph (essentially the wind speed at which trees start to sway vigorously) and we can set up equipment in winds of up to 15mph. Should winds exceed 23mph;  our technicians will immediately deflate the screen, a process that takes less than 20 seconds.  Also, in windy situations, we can shift the screen so that it is placed parallel to the wind, thus increasing its stability.

It is strongly suggested that the event organizer has an indoor backup venue secured on the day of the event to be used if inclement weather prevents the show from taking place outdoors.

When all else fails, we do have an official weather policy to help protect you. Please contact FAC for our official weather policy.

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We don’t have a big budget, is there any way for us to bring FreshAirCinema out to host an event at a reduced rate?

YES! If financial constraints are an issue one thing you might want to consider is to look at booking a date where we are already in/around your area hosting another show. We will often piggyback off of shows in one community in order to save a client money in another community that is within close proximity. For example, if you were to book a show either the day before or after one of the shows that we already have booked in/near your community then we would be able to offer you a discounted rate for doing so. It makes more sense for us to come to a certain region and perform 3 or 4 shows in a row at a reduced rate than to just host 1 and leave. Please ask us for available dates in your area.

Also, if you are flexible with your dates, please ask to be put on our list if you are interested in our last minute promotional discounts. As the busy season approaches we will often offer last minute discounted rates to help fill up our schedule. Please ask us for more details.


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