Inflatable Screens

Whether you want to purchase a screen to turn your backyard into a family theatre, or to show a feature film to tens of thousands of people, FreshAirCinema can guide you through the selection and acquisition process.

We offer only the highest quality AIRSCREEN inflatable movie screens, made in Germany, and available in a range of sizes, from eight feet in width to 130 feet in width. That’s as long as four school buses parked end to end!

AIRSCREEN inflatable screens use an inflatable PVC framework with an attached projection screen. The stability of the framework is guaranteed by a special low-noise fan, which backs up the high pressure inside uninterruptedly. It is so dependable that even long-term performances over several weeks are possible. As well, the screen’s layers are constructed utilizing a high frequency (hf) welding process to avoid potential structural weakness caused by perforation of the tube fabric by traditional mechanical sewing methodology.

AIRSCREEN products are designed and engineered specifically for outdoor use, and are available in such sizes as :

  • airscreen100'x45'
  • 80'x40'
  • 65'x33'
  • 52'x26'
  • 40'x20'
  • 26'x13'
  • 16'x19'

Together with the industry’s highest quality standards, the wide range of available AIRSCREEN products means we can provide more than the right screen for the job – we can supply the very best available on the market. Contact FreshAirCinema for more information about purchasing your own inflatable screen.



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